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If you’re in the market for a used Kia in Lancaster, Gorham, Littleton, Conway, Bethel, or anywhere in ME, VT, or NH, be sure to test drive only vehicles from highly reputable car dealerships like Berlin City Kia. Sometimes used cars will have been re-built due to damage from collisions or flood. You definitely want to avoid buying a rebuilt wreck at all costs. These cars are extremely unreliable, and while they may look decent on the outside, there is sure to be extensive internal damage under the hood. If you want a used Kia in Lancaster, be sure to stop by Berlin City Kia of NH today, and you’ll see that high-quality certified pre-owned vehicles look and feel just like new vehicles.

Consumer Reports is an excellent source of valuable information for all types of products. Whether you’re buying a new car, a used car, a boat, a plane, a toy, or a kitchen appliance, will have a lot of great information so you know what you’re dealing with as far as quality and affordability are concerned. When it comes to problems with rebuilt wrecks, Consumer Reports provides these valuable tips:

  1. Paint that chips easily or doesn’t match exactly on all parts of the vehicle is a sign the car has had bodywork.
  2. Paint overspray on chrome, trim, or rubber seals around body openings indicates the adjacent panel was repaired.
  3. Misaligned fenders indicate poor repair or a non-manufacturer part.
  4. Certified Automotive Parts Association (CAPA) sticker may indicate collision repair.
  5. Overwhelming scent of air freshener or bleach may indicate clean up from flood damage.
  6. Silt in trunk may indicate flood damage.
  7. Fresh undercoating on wheel wells, chassis, or engine indicates structural repairs have been hidden.
  8. Doors, trunks, and hoods that don’t close properly could indicate previous damage and repairs.

Save yourself the stress of buying a rebuilt wreck by choosing Berlin City Kia for your next used car purchase. If you live in Gorham, Littleton, Lancaster, Conway, Bethel, ME, VT or NH, please check out our large inventory of pre-owned vehicles today.

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