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Should I Follow the Maintenance Schedule in the Owner’s Manual?

Following the maintenance schedule outlined in your car’s owner’s manual is highly recommended because who knows more about the car you’re driving than the company that built it? If you follow the maintenance schedule in your vehicle’s owner’s manual, you will give your car the tender, loving care it needs, you’ll lengthen its lifespan, help maintain its re-sale value, and improve fuel efficiency.

It’s fairly common knowledge that drivers who do not have their car serviced regularly and do not have repairs performed at the first sign of trouble end up spending a great deal more money on major repairs and don’t get as many good years out of their cars as those who do have their car serviced regularly according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Keep in mind that with all the advances in vehicle design and manufacture and innovations in technology to let drivers know what maintenance their car needs at a certain mile marker, the “old days” of having your oil changed every three months or three thousand miles are long gone. If you’re an “old school” driver, be sure to check your owner’s manual to see what the new recommended service visits are, and when in doubt, please contact an automotive expert at Berlin City Kia of New Hampshire, serving Berlin, Gorham, Jefferson, Milan, Bethel, Stoneham, Newry and surrounding areas of New England.

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